Articles and Books

Supplemental Readings by Unit

Unit 1:

Trigger (1984) “Alternative Archaeologies: Nationalist, Colonialist, Imperialist”

Lydon and Rizvi (2010) “Introduction: Post-Colonialism and Archaeology”

“Introduction to Anthropology”

Boas (1904) The History of Anthropology

Unit 2:

Trigger (1989) History of Archaeological Thought Chapter 1-in library stacks not digital

(Renfrew and Bahn online book) Chapter 10 (Hard copy Chapter 9)

Unit 4:

Reitz and Shackly (2012) Introduction to Environmental Archaeology Chapter 1

(Renfrew and Bahn online book) Chapter 8 (Hard copy Chapter 7)

Unit 5:

Diaz-Andreu, “Introduction”

Atalay and Shannon “Completing the Journey: NAGPRA”

Cultural Heritage Partners “African American Burial Ground Network Act Introduction

AnthroBiology Podcast

Unit 6:

Britt (2019) “Collaborating on the Federal Level”

Feder (2019) Myth of the Moundbuilders

Laluk (2020) “Changing How Archaeology is Done in Native American Contexts”

Feder (2019) Prehistoric E.T.

Little (2018) “Violence, Silence and 4 Truths”

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