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Three-age system-              Arch Methods-Time and Depth
Archaeologist-                John Wesley Gilbert- Roots?
Scientific Method-              Time and Depth I
Buffalo Jump                      Subsistence Part II
Cartoon-Future Arch          Arch and Media
Çatalhöyük Art                   Cognition
“ “ Dig                                Cognition
Cartoon-House Hunting     Fun cartoons
Wheeler Grid                      Arch Methods-Time and Depth
Absolute/Relative Dating  Arch Methods Time and Depth II
Unit Excavation                  Arch Methods           Time and Depth Fieldwork
Cartoon early Arch             Arch Methods Time and Depth-Dating II
Cartoon Anthro                   Roots
Trench Excavation              Arch Methods Time and Depth Fieldwork II
Venus Fig                            Cognition
Seriation                              Time and Depth Dating Part II
Head Smashed in                Subsistence Part II

Buffalo Jump                       Subsistence Part II
“ “                                            “ “                    “ “
Intersectionality                  What is Arch?
Orkney                                 Environmental arch
Animal Skull                        Subsistence Part II