Online Reading Links:


Main: Digging into Archaeology A Brief OER Introduction to Archaeology with Activities by Amanda Wolcott Paskey and AnnMarie Beasley Cisneros (2020)

Supplemental: Methods In Archeology by Colin Renfrewan Baul Bahn (2010)

Unit 1:

Trigger (1984) “Alternative Archaeologies: Nationalist, Colonialist, Imperialist”

Lydon and Rizvi (2010) “Introduction: Post-Colonialism and Archaeology”

“Introduction to Anthropology”

Boas (1904) The History of Anthropology

Unit 2:

Trigger (1989) History of Archaeological Thought Chapter 1-in library stacks not digital

(Renfrew and Bahn online book) Chapter 10 (Hard copy Chapter 9)

Unit 4:

Reitz and Shackly (2012) Introduction to Environmental Archaeology Chapter 1

(Renfrew and Bahn online book) Chapter 8 (Hard copy Chapter 7)

Unit 5:

Diaz-Andreu, “Introduction”

Atalay and Shannon “Completing the Journey: NAGPRA”

Cultural Heritage Partners “African American Burial Ground Network Act Introduction

AnthroBiology Podcast

Unit 6:

Britt (2019) “Collaborating on the Federal Level”

Feder (2019) Myth of the Moundbuilders

Laluk (2020) “Changing How Archaeology is Done in Native American Contexts”

Feder (2019) Prehistoric E.T.

Little (2018) “Violence, Silence and 4 Truths”

Media Links:

Unit 1:

Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists! (1.05 minutes)

What is Archaeology? (31.06 minutes)

The Story of Archaeology (50.03 minutes)

What is archaeology: Understanding the archaeological Record (6.44 minutes)

Context in Archaeology: More than Just a Pretty Face (4.06 minutes)

How are Archaeological Artefacts Preserved in the Ground? (6.35 minutes)

Unit 2:

Aspects of Archaeology: Cognitive Archaeology (10.18 minutes)

Is the Human Mind Unique? (56.14 minutes)

Unit 3:

How Do Archaeologists Decide Where to Dig? (4.22 minutes)

Doing an Archaeological Field Survey (2.06 minutes)

Time Team Test Trench Assessment (6.08 minutes)

Time Team Digital-Raksha Explains Trench 3 to Our Club Members (3.29 minutes)

A Day in the Life of the Archaeological Dig at James Fort (4.19 minutes)

Typology in Archaeology (3.15 minutes)

Earth Science: Crash Course History (13.43 min)

The Scientific Methods: Crash Course History of Science #14 (13.03 min)

Principles of Stratigraphy (4.13 min)

Dating in Archaeology (10.01 min)

Unit 4:

What is Environmental Archaeology? (1.18 min)

Environmental Archaeology/Paleoclimate (15.51 min)

Human Mammal: Human Hunter (7.09 minutes)

Bushman: Once We Were Hunters (9.13 minutes)

Archaeobotany Excavations at Durham University (2.48 minutes)

Archaeology 101: Zooarchaeology- Reading Bones (17.04 minutes)

First Civilizations: Trade by PBS (53.41 minutes) 

Tool Technology and Typology (29.01 minutes)

Stone Tool Technology of Our Human Ancestors (5.41 minutes)

From Jacksonville to Cahokia (36.55 min)

Unit 5:

Awesome Aztecs! Politics, Economics, and Social Structure (5:44 minutes)

Social Structure: men, women Ancient History (8.39 minutes)

Fall 2020 Hess Scholar in Residence Winona LaDuke and Nekole Parton Alligood’s Talk: Where does Culture Belong? Indigenous Artifacts in Museums and Universities (1 hour 6 minutes)

AnthroBiology Podcast: History of Race/The State of Race in Biological Anthropology, February 2020.

Unit 6:

ASM Affiliates, Inc. A Cultural Resource Management Firm (5:09)

Destruction of Memory, Icarus Films, Director Tim Slade (1 hour 22 minutes-located through BC library online)


UK Time Team:

Time Team America: Just type in Time Team America in You Tube


Image Index

  1. Three-age system-               Unit 3?           Arch Methods-Time and Depth
  2. Archaeologist-                                  Unit 1                         John Wesley Gilbert- Roots?
  3. Scientific Method-               Unit 2-                        Time and Depth I
  4. Buffalo Jump                                    Unit 4             Subsistence Part II
  5. Cartoon-Future Arch                        Unit 6             Arch and Media
  6. Çatalhöyük Art                      Unit 2             Cognition
  7. “ “ Dig                                     Unit 2             Cognition
  8. Cartoon-House Hunting      Unit -N/A       Fun cartoons
  9. Wheeler Grid                                    Unit 3             Arch Methods-Time and Depth
  10. Absolute/Relative Dating  Unit 3             Arch Methods Time and Depth II
  11. Unit Excavation                    Unit 3             Arch Methods           Time and Depth Fieldwork
  12. Cartoon early Arch               Unit 3             Arch Methods Time and Depth-Dating II
  13. Cartoon Anthro                     Unit 1             Roots?
  14. Trench Excavation                Unit 3             Arch Methods Time and Depth Fieldwork II
  15. Venus Fig                              Unit 2             Cognition
  16. Seriation                               Unit 3             Time and Depth Dating Part II
  17. Head Smashed in                Unit 4             Subsistence Part II
  18. “ “                                            “ “                    “ “
  19. Intersectionality                  Unit 1             What is Arch?
  20. Orkney                                                Unit 4             Environmental arch
  21. Animal Skull                         Unit 4             Subsistence Part II
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