Media Links and Embedded Videos:

Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists! (1.05 minutes)

What is Archaeology? (31.06 minutes)

What is archaeology: Understanding the archaeological Record (6.44 minutes)

Context in Archaeology: More than Just a Pretty Face (4.06 minutes)

How are Archaeological Artefacts Preserved in the Ground? (6.35 minutes)

How Do Archaeologists Decide Where to Dig? (4.22 minutes)

Doing an Archaeological Field Survey (2.06 minutes)

Time Team Test Trench Assessment (6.08 minutes)

Time Team Digital-Raksha Explains Trench 3 to Our Club Members (3.29 minutes)

A Day in the Life of the Archaeological Dig at James Fort (4.19 minutes)

Typology in Archaeology (3.15 minutes)

Earth Science: Crash Course History (13.43 min)

Principles of Stratigraphy (4.13 min)

Dating in Archaeology (10.01 min)

The Scientific Methods: Crash Course History of Science #14 (13.03 min)

How to lay out a 1 x 1 M Unit by Namita Sugandhi (2:55 minutes)

Click on link to access video.

How to take measurements by Namita Sugandhi (2:38)

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The British Museum is Full of Stolen Artifacts (9:42 minutes)

Kennewick Man The Ancient One and Repatriation (1 hour 2 minutes)

Archaeobotany Excavations at Durham University (2.48 minutes)

Archaeology 101: Zooarchaeology- Reading Bones (17.04 minutes)

Tool Technology and Typology (29.01 minutes)

Stone Tool Technology of Our Human Ancestors (5.41 minutes)

From Jacksonville to Cahokia (36.55 min)

AnthroBiology Podcast: History of Race/The State of Race in Biological Anthropology, February 2020.

Awesome Aztecs! Politics, Economics, and Social Structure (5:44 minutes)

Social Structure: men, women Ancient History (8.39 minutes)

Aspects of Archaeology: Cognitive Archaeology (10.18 minutes)

Is the Human Mind Unique? (56.14 minutes)

What is Environmental Archaeology? (1.18 min)

Environmental Archaeology/Paleoclimate (15.51 min)

Contemporary Native Issues: Indigenizing Archaeological Thought and Practice

ASM Affiliates, Inc. A Cultural Resource Management Firm (5:09)

Destruction of Memory, Icarus Films, Director Tim Slade (1 hour 22 minutes-located through BC library online on Alexander Street Press)

“Diggers” UK Time Team:

Time Team America: Just type in Time Team America in You Tube