Media Links and Embedded Videos:

Unit 1:

Solving Mysteries with Archaeologists! (1.05 minutes)

What is Archaeology? (31.06 minutes)

What is archaeology: Understanding the archaeological Record (6.44 minutes)

Context in Archaeology: More than Just a Pretty Face (4.06 minutes)

How are Archaeological Artefacts Preserved in the Ground? (6.35 minutes)

Unit 3:

How Do Archaeologists Decide Where to Dig? (4.22 minutes)

Doing an Archaeological Field Survey (2.06 minutes)

Time Team Test Trench Assessment (6.08 minutes)

Time Team Digital-Raksha Explains Trench 3 to Our Club Members (3.29 minutes)

A Day in the Life of the Archaeological Dig at James Fort (4.19 minutes)

Typology in Archaeology (3.15 minutes)

Earth Science: Crash Course History (13.43 min)

Principles of Stratigraphy (4.13 min)

Dating in Archaeology (10.01 min)

The Scientific Methods: Crash Course History of Science #14 (13.03 min)

How to lay out a 1 x 1 M Unit by Namita Sugandhi (2:55 minutes)

Click on link to access video.

How to take measurements by Namita Sugandhi (2:38)

Click on link to access video.

The British Museum is Full of Stolen Artifacts (9:42 minutes)

Kennewick Man The Ancient One and Repatriation (1 hour 2 minutes)

Unit 4:

Human Mammal: Human Hunter (7.09 minutes)

Bushman: Once We Were Hunters (9.13 minutes)

Archaeobotany Excavations at Durham University (2.48 minutes)

Archaeology 101: Zooarchaeology- Reading Bones (17.04 minutes)

First Civilizations: Trade by PBS (53.41 minutes) 

Tool Technology and Typology (29.01 minutes)

Stone Tool Technology of Our Human Ancestors (5.41 minutes)

From Jacksonville to Cahokia (36.55 min)

AnthroBiology Podcast: History of Race/The State of Race in Biological Anthropology, February 2020.

Unit 5:

Awesome Aztecs! Politics, Economics, and Social Structure (5:44 minutes)

Social Structure: men, women Ancient History (8.39 minutes)

Aspects of Archaeology: Cognitive Archaeology (10.18 minutes)

Is the Human Mind Unique? (56.14 minutes)

What is Environmental Archaeology? (1.18 min)

Environmental Archaeology/Paleoclimate (15.51 min)

Unit 6:

Contemporary Native Issues: Indigenizing Archaeological Thought and Practice

ASM Affiliates, Inc. A Cultural Resource Management Firm (5:09)

Destruction of Memory, Icarus Films, Director Tim Slade (1 hour 22 minutes-located through BC library online on Alexander Street Press)

“Diggers” UK Time Team:

Time Team America: Just type in Time Team America in You Tube


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